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Review: Wishbone Barossa Wines – Red and White

August 9, 2012 Leave a comment

Available as a set from Leicestershire-based fine wine merchants, Philip Pruden Wines, these two wines are a great combination for late summer drinking and enjoying.

Red, New World, Wishbone Shiraz.Grenache, Barossa 2009


Delightfully well rounded”

If ever a wine cried out to be described as delightfully well rounded, it would have to be this one, available at Leicestershire fine wine merchants, Philip Pruden Wines. Why? Because it hits your taste buds with a robustly fruity mouthful right from the first sip. All that fruit-laden flavour is perfectly matched with spices and beautifully balanced with good acidity. We’re also talking well rounded because the Wishbone Shiraz.Grenache accomplishes something very special. Not only does it bring together juicy plum and raspberry on the palate, but it also draws in black cherry and a subtle, but clearly defined note of creamy oak. But don’t mistake well rounded for overwhelming. We also think it’s well rounded because, being medium to full bodied, it is the perfect companion for the fun of a late summer barbecue or the delights of a special get together á deux. Even better, it’s available with local delivery for Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.

This wine’s undeniably mouthwatering presence comes courtesy of a highly successful combination of Grenache(Garnacha) and Syrah(Shiraz). You could describe this marriage of grapes as the perfect match, making it the definition of well rounded! It’s a wine which has rightfully won a name for itself. Fruity, well rounded, delicious – call it what you like. But you won’t want to buy it just the once.

Wishbone Shiraz.Grenache, Barossa 2009 is available in 12 bottle cases from fine wine merchants, Philip Pruden Wines, with local delivery for Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.

White, Wishbone, Sem/Sauv, The Magpie Estate, Barossa 2010


A distinctive presence”

We couldn’t let our magpie eye overlook this wine, available from Leicestershire-based fine wine merchants, Philip Pruden Wines. It certainly stands up to scrutiny, thanks to a distinctive presence which brings dry, crisp and tangy together in a compelling mix. But there’s even more to this wine than meets our demanding eye. Enjoy the fruits of the labours of its Australian creators who have brilliantly brought together the subtle smokey Semillon with the fulsomely tangy and citrus-laden Sauvignon.

This clever combination is the perfect marriage of flavour and nose, creating a wine which is both delightfully well balanced and interesting to drink. The expressions of the Barossa really do shine in this wonderful wine. It somehow manages to be both modest and impressive at the same time, something you can’t fail to notice whether you’re enjoying a glass at home or sharing a bottle with friends. There are plenty of white wines out there, but very few which so lastingly win over the palate. This is a great choice for anyone with an eye for a great (and great value) wine.

Wishbone, Sem/Sauv, The Magpie Estate, Barossa 2010 is available in 12 bottle cases from fine wine merchants, Philip Pruden Wines, with local delivery for Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire.

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Get The Perfect Wine For Your Game

October 25, 2011 Leave a comment

The shooting season is in full swing and so now is the perfect time to create a succulent game meal. Whether you enjoy a plump partridge roasted with a rasher of streaky bacon or a casserole of pheasant – simmered with mushrooms, onions and carrots – it’s vital that you find the perfect wine to complement your game dish. Our guide looks at some wines that are perfect to accompany your game this season.

When looking for the perfect red wine to accompany your game bird, we recommend that you look for a wine that is relatively low in tannin and that is not too alcoholic or too oaky. This is because neither partridge nor pheasant are fatty birds.

The Independent suggests you ‘plump for a moderate, juicy fruit-laden style to complement the savoury, gamey characters of the bird’. We suggest Pinot Noir as its velvety character and soft, raspberry fruit make it the perfect accompaniment to game, particularly if you’re using wild mushrooms in your recipe.

Our Bourgogne Rouge from Vincent Dureuil-Janthial 2009 £15.00 is a sophisticated, silky Pinot Noir from an up and coming producer. This cuvée derives from several parcels in the communes of Nuits St Georges and Puligny and is judiciously blended by the young Vincent. The estate is also currently in conversion to biodynamic status which will further enhance and optimise grape flavours, and hence the wine quality.

The 2009 vintage has been heralded as one of the best in living memory and this is what Jancis Robinson says about it ‘One-third new oak. Pale ruby. Bit sweaty nose but very flattering. Easy to slurp. But with a little chew at the end. Great restaurant wine – sorry! Nuits and Puligny fruit. Organic. Good Value’ 16/20

If you want to crank it up a level, how about the Pinot Noir from Domain Road from Bannockburn in New Zealand? Central Otago is world renowned for its Pinot Noir and this 2008 won a Gold Medal at the International Wine Challenge – terrific value at £17.00 and knocks spots off most Cote de Nuits burgundy at this price.

The above wines are great with Grouse too but as they have a more concentrated herby heather flavour, I would go for a mature Chateauneuf du Pape where the garrigue/terroir are influential.  Failing that, how about ‘Clos Montirius’ Vacqueyras 2007 for £15.00 with a silky mouth feel to die for.

Matching wines with venison is slightly tricky as venison can be cooked in a host of ways from Chinese style to Port and blackberries. A dark Barbera d’Asti from Villa Giada 2009 has a beautiful focussing blackcherry acidity to it which would cut nicely into most venison dishes with black fruit or redcurrant sweet sauces. At £9.00, this really is a gem of a wine with such beautiful flavours of deep dark smouldering fruit that just goes on and on. Slightly more full-bodied, the Primitivo from Fatalone in Italy’s southern heel at £10.75 has given many of my customers much pleasure!! It’s a ‘natural’ wine so no naughty added sulphites to give you a hangover – its naughty enough on its own!

Most modern Spanish reds would be ideal with venison and my pick at the moment is Sila Mencia from Bodegas Pazos del Rey – outstanding value at £9.75. Hear also what Jancis hath to say ‘Very attractive smoke, iodine, blackcurrant and leather. Great development and scope considering the price and the youthfulness. A teensy bit light on the mid palate, but the flavour lasts well with a charming baked-earth character. 17/20’

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