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5 Reasons You Should Use Your Local Wine Merchant

May 8, 2012 Leave a comment

Over the last few years, supermarkets have become many people’s first choice when it comes to buying wine. However, with more and more people looking to support local businesses and supermarket wines increasingly being seen as low quality, wine merchants are flourishing. 

A recent survey in Canada found that 89 per cent of people would actively shop at a local business. So, for your wine, why not use a local merchant rather than your nearest supermarket? Here are your five reasons.

1. Better Choice

Leading wine experts Graham Mitchell recently told the independent that a ‘a considerable amount of wine imported into the UK is incredibly dull. Much wine lacks character, is bland and blended for the mass-market brands, and massively discounted in a supermarket or big retail chain.’

So, if you want a bottle of something other than a Hardy’s, Wolf Blass or Echo Falls, your local wine merchant can help you avoid dull, characterless supermarket brands.

2. Expert Advice

The Canadian survey into consumer preferences found that the main reason people preferred to use local businesses was that the service was more attentive, personal and friendly.

Your local wine merchant can give you advice on the right type of wine for your occasion and your menu. When was the last time you got that in a supermarket?

3. More unusual selection

As well as offering a great choice, your local merchant is also likely to stock a more unusual selection of wines. You’re much more likely to find a great wine from a smaller vineyard or producer. 

4. Helps support local business

One of the main advantages to using a local business is that it is good for the local economy. When you spend money at your local wine merchant you’re indirectly supporting local suppliers, window cleaners, accountants and other businesses. Supermarkets use centralised suppliers and so shopping at them takes money out of your local economy.

5. Free delivery

While Your local wine merchant may be conveniently on your doorstep, many also offer free local  delivery. So, you can still support your local business while still benefiting from having your chosen wines delivered to your home.

For example, We offer free delivery across Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Rutland and Lincolnshire.

So, next time you are looking for a good bottle of wine, why not bypass your local supermarket and give your local wine merchant a chance?

Browse our selection now for the best picked wines from around the world.

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Summer Wine Tasting

June 23, 2011 Leave a comment

Do you know your Chablis from your Chenin?

With Wimbledon around the corner and British strawberries in full season, now is the time to dust off your barbecue in time to spend the long summer evenings enjoying the English summertime.  And, what better way to relax on a warm summer’s evening than with a cold glass of white or rose wine?

With a bamboozling choice of white and rose wines available, finding the perfect accompaniment to your summer menu can be tricky.  Is a Reisling or a Californian rose best with a garden salad?  Is a glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay best with a piece of barbecued fish?  And what’s the difference between a Pinot Blanc and a Pinot Grigio?

If you want to find out answers to all these questions, why not come to our wine tasting evening?  Whether you’re wine novice or an experienced enthusiast, we have a selection of refreshing summer roses and white wines for you to sample.  We’ll also give you lots of information about the wine that you taste in order that you can make a more informed choice next time you’re buying a bottle or case.

Our wine tasting evening is from 6.30pm to 9pm at Church Farm, Saltby, Leicestershire.  After you’ve sampled some of our best white wines and summer roses, you can also find out more about us, including our free delivery service.  We are centrally located for regular free deliveries across the county as well as Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Rutland.  We also stock a wide range of superb wines at surprisingly low prices.

So, if you want to enjoy a fun, informative and social evening sampling some of the best wines available this summer, please join us on Thursday 23rd June.  We’d love to meet you.

To recieve more information on forthcoming events visit us now.

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