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Are We Set For A World Wine Shortage?

November 21, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

It may seem impossible, but there will be a billion bottle shortage of wine in the world in 2013. Bad weather is set to result in wine production falling to its lowest level since records began this year, with France set to lose its status as the world’s largest provider.

The International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) predict that wine production will fall from 264.2 million hectolitres in 2011 to 248.2 million hectolitres this year. This compares unfavourably to current worldwide demand, estimated at between 235.7 million hectolitres and 249.4 million hectolitres. An additional 30 million hectolitres of wine is used to make spirits, vermouth and vinegar.

In early November 2012, Bertrand Girand, chief executive of Groupe Val d’Orbieu, France’s biggest wine cooperative, said the world faced a wine shortage of at least 10 million hectolitres, the equivalent of 1.3 billion bottles. “Spain has zero stocks,”he said. “Italy has zero stocks. We no longer have stocks to bridge the gap. We have no more entry-level wine.”

France has been particularly hard hit by bad weather in 2012 and the harvest was badly affected by winter drought, cold and wet weather, hailstorms and a heat wave. Production in France is expected to fall by almost a fifth (19 per cent) in 2012, and Italy is set to overtake the home of Beaujolais as the world’s biggest winemaker in 2013.

Production has also fallen in Argentina, Italy, Spain and New Zealand this year. Federico Castellucci, the OIV’s director general, told a press conference in Paris: “We’re dipping into the reserves for supply.”

So, how will a wine shortage affect you? Firstly, you can expect to see a rise in some prices. Victor Magalhaes, an OIV statistician, said: “If we don’t have availability in the market, there’s a strong chance some products will increase in price.”

You may also encounter difficulty in finding certain wines. Mr Magalhaes said that some of the French wines protected by thedesignation of origin label, such as Burgundy, were already suffering a shortage.

keep calm and drink wine

With a billion bottle shortage set to hit next year and prices set to rise, it is wise to stock up now. One of our favourite wines is our Diez Siglos Verdejo, Rueda 2011. This lovely Spanish white has complex aromas of fresh grass, nettle, passion fruit, tangerine oil and citrus. It boasts a rounded and complex palate with savoury hints and grapefruit marmalade to finish and is available at just £6.50 a bottle.

Diez Siglos Verdejo, Rueda 2011

If you prefer red, how about our 2010 58 Guineas Claret? This round, medium-bodied wine perfectly balances flavours of youthful red fruit with a claret backbone. And, it was awarded a Gold Medal at the Sommelier Wine Awards 2012.

58 Guineas Claret 2010

If you want to avoid paying more for your wine in 2013, stock up now. Order a case today on (01476) 860257 and get free delivery of wine in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Rutland and Lincolnshire.

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